Oil and Gas

Supporting our clients every step of the way.

Within the Trade & Commodities sector, we specialize in hard and soft commodities, Oil, Gas, LNG, and Power, as well as newer disciplines such as carbon trading.

Our clients include governments, producers, trading companies, logistics groups, refineries, banks, and insurers. We help them overcome trading challenges and resolve complex issues such as geopolitical risk and the impact of multi-jurisdictional regulations.

Today’s trade and commodities corporate landscape is characterized by complex, integrated operations, joint ventures, strategic alliances and collaborations as well as mergers and acquisitions. We support clients as they strive to achieve efficiency, whether that be through expansion into new markets or focus on a particular specialism.

Different Oil and Gas Sectors

The energy sector has three key areas: Upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Upstream – Upstream is E&P (exploration and exploration). This involves the search for underwater and underground natural gas fields or crude oil fields and the drilling of exploration wells and drilling into established wells to recover oil and gas.

Midstream – Midstream entails the transportation, storage, and processing of oil and gas. Once resources are recovered, it has to be transported to a refinery, which is often in a completely different geographic region compared to the oil and gas reserves.  Transportation can include anything from tanker ships to pipelines and trucking fleets.

Downstream – Downstream refers to the filtering of the raw materials obtained during the upstream phase. This means refining crude oil and purifying natural gas. The marketing and commercial distribution of these products to consumers and end users in a number of forms including natural gas, diesel oil, petrol, gasoline, lubricants, kerosene, jet fuel, asphalt, heating oil, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) as well as a number of other types of petrochemicals.

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