EMNOC is specialized in petrochemical construction, turnaround, and maintenance projects. Our team brings the highest standards of quality, safety, and workmanship to each of our petrochemical projects—ensuring efficient and effective delivery of each element of our scoped work.

Our areas of expertise include installing and modifying petrochemical process equipment and piping, as well as maintaining and repairing process tanks. We are a unionized multi-trade contractor, with the majority of our petrochemical hours associated with boiler making, pipefitting, millwrighting, and ironworks. We can manage supply, provide field services, and provide civil and electrical engineering scopes.

EMNOC is committed to safety in all of its petrochemical work. One of our key strategies for meeting the needs of its petrochemical clients is developing Project Core Teams. These teams are unique to each project and consist of a senior Project Manager, senior trade supervisors, and project engineers. This core serves as the backbone for the entire team, and their capabilities are leveraged to build the best team possible around them. The Project Team Core works in collaboration with your personnel, or can head up all planning, scheduling, and estimating activities, transitioning into the execution of your project. Every step of the way, the Project Core Team is on-site—offering you a consistent point of contact, building trust, and overseeing all work.